Each time an appointment is missed another patient may have lost an opportunity for treatment.  Please cancel within 24 hours or your scheduled appointment or a fee of $25 may be required.


During the FREE consultation, a Health History form will be filled out in detail to assist the electrologist in understanding the needs of the client.  Then, in a team effort, an individual treatment schedule will be determined.  If the client chooses and time allows, it is encouraged to have a 15-min treatment session ($25).  Committing to an individual treatment plan is vital and has proven the most successful.  Making sure you are well hydrated for treatments will make them more tolerable and assist in the overall goal of removing the hair permanently.  Minimum treatment time is 30-mins at $45 after consultation appointment.


Cash • Check • Venmo • PayPal (direct from the bank)

1 HR $80
45 mins $65
30 mins $45
FREE Consult and $25 sample treatment Available
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